she’s her own hero

vector girl with raised hands and broken chainsUnseen, untold and kept in dark

unidentified, unbearable, blind and sharp

untitled – her life, unexplained – her pain

trying hard to set free, but all in vain.

who cares, these lines are hearty and hale

a life, surrounded by dangerous sharks and whales

her cries, only walls could hear

a life, enclosed by sadness and fear

besides all the nightmares, threatening to kill

besides all the tears, threatening to spill

she stands up for her, her soul is divine

she shines like a priceless diamond in a worthless coal mine

no matter how dark and gloomy is the night’s impact

her aura is enough to destroy it’s effect

for this beautiful flower till now was a bud

the time has come to blossom through the mud



I know, it’s supposed to be all ‘Rosy’ but Roses come with their ‘Thorns’!


So, I don’t know, why did I think about writing this, but here I am, telling you about this guy I met a few months ago. He was this great person with whom you can talk for the whole day without getting bored. I met him through a friend. With time we got along really well and I found him quite reliable. It was all cool and I kind of started liking him even more and then one day, he proposed me 🙂 and yes, I accepted his proposal and we are now officially together.  🙂

People, I seriously don’t have any intention to drive you nuts from my relationship story. So, let’s cut to the chase and get it straight. Before I start, i would like to acknowledge that sometimes, the things don’t work out the way we want them to. Sometimes, we portray perfection too much. Sometimes, things just don’t fall into place but,  that is where we need to change the angle of our perception and understand that this is where the real beauty lies. 🙂

So, my boyfriend and I were having this short conversation about relationships and I figured out that he is the one who believes in having those so-called ‘perfect relationships‘. What he thinks is, that a real relationship (or his so-called perfect relationship) is the one in which a couple doesn’t get involved in fights at all. He says that, he expects a lot from me regarding this and wants this sort of understanding with me, so that no fight occurs and we get along well through everything and all and be this amazing couple thing (Whoosh!). He generally tries to escape the topics,(by skipping it altogether or by starting a whole different conversation) that he thinks might lead to arguments. Although, we had a very few fights but the ending always left me confused. There is only sorry but no solution. It’s like after a little fight, it’s simply a sorry and he never tries to get back to the topic and hence we are left with no solution at all.   I respect him but here, I simply don’t believe in his whole lot of ‘perfection thing andhappily-ever-after fairy tale concept. I mean, all I want is him to understand is the ‘beauty of imperfection‘ here.

I mean, tell me this, can you gimme a single example of any best friends or  any amazing couple who never ever had a fight? can you? No! I guess and that’s where the beauty lies. Pardon me if you’re getting me wrong here. When I’m referring to fights, it’s not the one like throwing each other’s stuff out of the apartment or yelling bad words for each other and I’m also not saying that even if there’s no point of arguing, you still have to get started. All I’m saying is, these little cute fights and arguments have their unique roles in our life and sometimes, careful steps following them, make a relationship even stronger. 🙂  like Jay Sean says “I know it’s supposed to be all rosy but roses come with their thorns (worth it all)” 🙂 Fights are inevitable in a relationship and rather than escaping a topic every time, fearing that it would lead to a fight, we should just try to act more mature and face it and enjoy it’s bitter-sweet results. I mean, that’s how the life goes on. You can’t enjoy the good days without having bad ones. We must realize that these little fights are necessary because they give you a reflection of your maturity level in a relationship. We will have to be an optimist and view these fights and arguments as a kind of test which we’ve to pass to mold ourselves into our better versions for our better halves.

Amazing couples are not those who escape topics just to avoid fights but those who act mature, understand each other’s choices and opinions even if they are polar opposite and try to find the best alternative solutions to resolve any conflict. If we will keep escaping things to save ourselves from arguments just for the sake of ‘happily-ever-after’, then trust me, we won’t actually be happy ever after. We must understand that all of us share similarities and differences, and with so many similarities and differences, fights are inevitable, amazing couples are those who can embrace each other’s similarities and value the differences. They learn something valuable from every fight so that the next time they fight, it’s not on the same topic or issue 😛



Life’s Interpretations!

They say, life is like a roller coaster ride! Well, yes, I feel the same. Because, like in a roller coaster ride, it happens so fast, in a matter of seconds.

Similarly, in life too, things happen, situations change, all in a matter of seconds.

At once,  I’m on cloud 9, up above there! Smiling and laughing, and, then suddenly, at an instant, I hit the ground with a thud. And it seems like, I’m buried deep inside the ground with chunks of sorrows and pain.

They say, Life is like fire! A friend and a foe.

Like friction! A necessary evil!

Like an uninvited guest! Full of surprises and shocks.

But, at the end, the show must go on!

Never ever stop!

I won’t say that, ‘don’t look back’ because sometimes it is necessary to look back, to realise the patterns we have knitted throughout our life span.

Isn’t it both amazing and astonishing, like how small things teach us big lessons.

I tried once, I failed! I tried again, but didn’t succeed. I kept trying a few more times but all in vain. I was totally frustrated and started looking here and there in frustration, and disparity overtook me. But, as I was about to give up and about to accept that all my efforts has gone to a total waste, my gaze dropped to my hands and I went back in time when I was a kid. I remembered the time when as a kid, I couldn’t write properly with either of my hands. It took me around 4 to 5 years to write comfortably with my right hand.

Whenever, you feel like losing hope and feel like all your efforts have gone to a total waste, grab a piece of paper and a pen, and try to scribble anything on the paper, first with your right hand and then with your left hand. While doing so, you’ll realise that you can write easily with one of your hands (for instance, right hand) as compared to other (for instance, left hand). Isn’t it? Why? Because your right hand has practiced it continuously for years! Today you can write properly with your right hand because you practiced again and again and didn’t give up. It was not a matter of a few days or months but a matter of 5 whole years!

If you didn’t give up as a kid then why now?!

We need to learn that rigorous practice and hard work in the right direction, definitely brings out right and required results but losing hope is no solution. Only stable and continuous efforts do wonders!

When Creativity strikes like a photon, ideas come out like electrons. 


Here, I have compared creativity with photons, ideas with electrons and our mind with a photosensitive metal plate and this entire scenario with Photoelectric effect.

The photoelectric effect refers to the emission of electrons from the metal surface in response to incident photons.

Similarly, to eject amazing ideas out of our mind, the only key is creativity.